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Anna lives in the village of Kapatura in northern Botswana,
and is one of the youngest Bible narrators for the San Cluster.

Over a billion people are still Bibleless.

Take a moment. Let that sink in.

We're on a mission to see all languages have Scripture by 2025.

Over a billion people worldwide don’t have the full Bible in the language they know best. Nearly 1,700 languages don’t have any Scripture at all. In our lifetime, the Bible will become available to all for church planting, evangelism and discipleship efforts led by the local Church. We’re on a mission to get the whole Bible translated into every language in this generation. Every $35 you give helps translate one verse of Scripture.

Berki Banko of the Hamer Tribe in Ethiopia

"Before, many refused to listen to what the Bible says. Since people have seen God at work in my life and since they have heard Bible stories in their own Hamer language, they want to know more about Jesus."


Rokycany community, Eastern Slovakia

The face of a young girl who will soon have the Bible in her heart language.Bible Translator Pedro Hernandez

Pedro Hernandez, Southern Mexico

Rokycany is one of many Roma communities in Eastern Slovakia. They will soon have the Old and New Testaments in their heart language, East Slovak Romani.

Pedro Hernandez worked for 10 years with a team that translated the New Testament into his mother tongue, Nahuatl de Zacatl Zacatlán.

All nations will come to your light.

— ISAIAH 60:3 (NLT)

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San children of Botswana

Photos by Esther Havens